Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kingsized Studios Gets a Visitor

So I'm just sitting there editing the other day and what do I see
as I turn around? A cute little mouse on my floor, that's what!
Of course, my natural, gut reaction is to grab the lid off a stack
of blank CDs and thow it at the mouse, miraculously nabbing the
little guy as he attempted to hop away!
Now I had a neat little clear viewing dome for my visitor....

You'll be happy to know that I promptly took my little buddy out
to the courtyard in front of my apartment and set him free.

He was probably back in my apartment within minutes.


At 2:25 AM, Anonymous Tristan said...

hi tyler hi andrew. I can't believe it landed right on top of the cute little mouse i think your website is awsome and i haven't even looked at all of it yet. my dad likes it too. my dad and i laughed our faces off(we had too look around untill we found them) now i have his face and he has mine. aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! i will be there for sure and jan 2 where ever it will be. miss you hope you are doing really greatman. i love the clip about the fart smell. if that's what your actually talking about were pretty fairly sure but not really. but i will believe that's what your talking about. talk sooooon love tristan


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